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For all your company registrations, financial accounts, control systems, annual returns,cashflows,business proposals, VAT and Vendor Number registrations, tax clearances.


FINMAS Business Consultancy has been a backbone in both Company Registrations , Accounting and Management Consultancy Services for several Companies nationwide

We manage several Companies' Accounts and we have registered many companies and still we are registering more everyday.And we have many Shelf Companies available for you to buy. Always Check them out on our FINMAS FACEBOOK PAGE and For references feel free to check with some of our Prominent Clients on the list below


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At FINMAS Business Consultancy we believe every Client is worthy of all the special treatment. We believe that the Customer is the King. We welcome you and give you the Best Treatment possible. Your Business is our priority. Your Concern is our Concern. We dont Just take what you believe about your Business, But we HELP you realise beyond your expectations. FINMAS Business Consultancy is your Theatre of Dreams

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At FINMAS Business Consultancy we dont just do the Job, But we do the Job PERFECTLY and the Job is never done until its PERFECTLY done and our Clients are Satisfied. We always leave our Clients happy. Once you engage us , you will never leave us. FINMAS Business Constultancy "Your Theatre of Dreams!"

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At FINMAS Business Consultancy, you are the King. We are here to serve you. Once you engage us, you will never leave us. If you are not satisfied please contact us!

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